Chic Noir on TV

Chic Noir was on Channel U! Just a few shoots of my boyfriend setting up. I was supposed to be interviewed but I had a business trip overseas so I couldn’t make it to MAAD ūüė¶

I was happy I made it to Open House though. I volunteered and had alot of fun selling merchandise and assisting the tours. This is one of the artworks there, peranakan delights sewn from felt.

I won’t be joining MAAD for a few months as I am preparing for my wedding. Hope to be back in action after that. Above is Chic Noir worn for my prewedding shoot. Luckily for the dual pin-backing, I wore¬†the flower¬†on my dress initially but the strong wind made my hair really messy and so I switch to wearing it as a hairpiece instead :D.


MAAD Friday the 13th – A Recap

MAAD on the 13th of January was pretty surreal as my endodontist, who did my root canal treatment¬†in the¬†morning, actually visited me there. Earlier, I casually mentioned to him that I would be selling my flowers at the Red Dot Museum and he said he¬†might stop by. Still¬†I was surprised to see him; he even bought¬†a silk fabric flower from me. Not only that, I happened to chat with a sweet lady who later gave me her business card and I realised that she was a colleague of that very same endodontist. Imagine the odds! She came independently and found out about MAAD online. She didn’t know he knew about this event as well and that he knew me. So lots of weird coincidences on Friday the 13th.¬†How bizarre.

This month I was given two booths as shown in the first picture but I didn’t like both the look and the location. So I shifted and downgraded everything to one booth. It ended up looking like the picture above.

My new spot must be lucky as after moving, I was next to MAAD first timer –¬†Hui of Ekai. She’s very sweet, laid-back and I love her leather jewellery. I had a lot of fun chatting with her and she was great company. I left MAAD with Ekai earrings and a flower made of synthetic leather. She mentioned she’ll have more intricate laser cut designs and I’ll be looking forward to seeing them.

I also heard great news from one of my friends- Angeline of My Personal Jeweller. Her products will be in one of my favourite shops on Arab Street- Dulcetfig. Do stop by and check out her stuff; her designs are wearable art. I own a pair of her earrings and they go with just about everything.

Hope you enjoy the remaining 12 days of CNY.

Looking to 2012

2011 was great but 2012 will be even better, I currently have 3 art-related events to look forward to next year.

Very Special Arts Singapore


I’ll be helping VSA¬†design books for fundraising. I don’t have much experience in¬†book-making but I’m excited as I love creative projects.

VSA promotes the educational, rehabilitative and therapeutic benefits of Visual and Performing Arts. Volunteering here is alot of fun if you like interacting with kids. You could also help by assisting individuals with disabilities create projects so they could obtain financial assistance/independence through Arts-Making.

Open House

Open House transformed 6 Marine Parade flats into exhibition spaces last year, this year it will be held¬†in Tiong Bahru. The featured artists are Singaporean or Singapore based.¬†They are now recruiting volunteer¬†guides here, I¬†volunteered last year and strongly recommend joining as it is alot of fun.¬†If¬†guiding is not for you do¬†take note of this event in February, I personally can’t wait for it.


The first MAAD of the year!

New designs from Chic Noir for 2012.

I made these using cotton I bought in Korea. The flowers on the left are matched with red suede and on the right they are matched with black satin and white duchess satin.

They look great on vintage bags ūüėÄ

Hope you¬†have an enjoyable¬†New Year’s eve and long weekend.

See you in 2012.

MAAD Dec 9th

MAAD Dec was interesting as I could walk around at my leisure, meet creative local designers and discover their work. It is so different from managing my MAAD Chic Noir sales (like in previous months) but both are lots of fun all the same :D.

Above are MAAD staples: on the left is the Portraits after Dark session where you can pose, choose and buy pictures of yourself- sketched, doodled or painted just moments before- and on the right is a picture of one of the awesome local live bands playing there.

I really enjoyed checking out the designers there- below are some of my favourites.

There was an area that showcased designs from NAFA students. This is one such work- these are actually self-sculpted clay coasters! The surface is textured and unglazed, the idea is to make your cup stains look like modern art. I love how useful it can be and the minimalist design is just so very Japanese.

These DIY gift boxes were created by another NAFA student. They’re just perfect for Christmas- so pretty to display and functional too.

Urban Sketches Singapore¬†had a booth selling¬†their book¬†which consists of¬†painted sketches of¬† various Singapore landscapes and architecture. The sketches are really beautiful, and every picture shimmers with so much life and vibrance- it’s a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves art.

Picture from Urban Sketches Singapore

This is from TheKANG, a creative craftster who makes accessories. I’ve seen pictures of his designs and was very glad to see¬†his work in person- aren’t his designs fabulous!

On the left are cuffs made of vinyl records and on the right is a cable tie mesh necklace.  Photos are from his Facebook page.

In hindsight, I really regret not getting this gold foil bubble ring from Amando Gudek. The designer sculpted and cast the jewellery by hand. Picture from their website.

I also visited some other friends who were there and met other artists too. It was a lot of fun hanging out and enjoying the whole atmosphere.

Above is a sketch Yen drew of her booth. Remember how she drew mine last month as well? I love her sketches.

See you at the next MAAD.

Handmade in Korea

I just came back from a trip to Korea, it was a great trip with a little bit of everything. Above was an event I attended, it is the Hongik University flea market which is held by an art University situated away from the center of Seoul. On the weekends, the students sell their handmade wares at a flea market outside the school. Basically it was MAAD in Seoul.

The offerings remind me of MAAD but displayed in a less professional way. While shopping we were accompanied by local Korean live music. They sold felt accessories, paintings, wood carvings, ugly dolls, leather bags, clay accessories and hats decorated with iron-on patches.

After shopping at the Hongik University flea market, I found the cutest art school inspired Korean make-up store, Too Cool for School.

Left are lip gloss crayons and right are their blusher packaging, more pictures and review from a fellow customer here.

I was looking for the perfect red lipstick and found it here. Check out the mustard yellow tartan¬†holder¬†:D. I’m wearing Chic Noir mustard yellow polka-dot earrings as well.

Korea is great place to shop for crafters. It is fabric heaven as Korea makes alot of high quality fabric, I love the vibrant coloured designs and bought cloth almost everyday that I was there.

I even managed to buy Korean silk from a shop that tailor-made Hanboks, the traditional Korean dress. Behind the counter in tubes are the coloured Korean silk that can be choosen to custom-make bespoke hanboks. I had to approach a few shops before one would sell me their silk, I hope to use this Korean silk to make Chic Noir flowers.

MAAD is next friday. I won’t be taking part this time as there is too little time for me to prepare after my trip, but please stop by to support local. Christmas is approaching and you will be sure to find unique presents at MAAD for your loved ones.

Chic Noir over the weekend

Chic Noir clips, these are smaller and lighter than usual and made for children. The blue strips and green polka-dots are cotton while the red is made with suede cotton. I used duchess satin for the buttons.

Don’t you think they are perfect for Christmas?

White tulle flower with small lace-edge dome cabochon center. This flower is really easy to match and looks great as a headpiece, love how it looks on vintage bags as well.

Chic Noir ways to wear them 2

On the left, pattern dress is worn with Daffodil yellow organza pearl ring with black satin and cotton flower pinned onto the bag.

On the right, drapped top by one of my favorite Singapore designers, Hansel, is worn with Thai silk and cotton flower and matching earrings.

On the left, seersucker dress paired with white polka-dot pointed flower and large dome glass cabochon center, this is worn with matching earrings.

On the right, casual clothes with bridal white organza ring, the cardigan matched the mustard polka-dot earrings worn.

PS: The pretty button bouquet I am holding on the right is by Corine, photo taken by Yen.

On the left, I am wearing yellow and white polka-dot cotton flower on my dress strap.

On the right, black polka-dot satin flower is pinned onto a black pearl necklace and wore with white polka-dot pearl earrings.

If you can’t tell by now, I have a thing for polka-dots.¬†My new favorite fabric however is suede cotton in solid colours. I made 3 Chic Noir flowers in different colours for the fair and they have since been sold. I’m glad¬†I am not the only one in love with suede cotton, the material is soft, textured and looks great when worn, I’ll show you more soon.

MAAD 11/11/11

It was raining in the day and pretty wet and humid outdoors. I arrived and set up my booth and later met up with Yen¬†who was selling her prints. There was a huge puddle beside her so nobody was there. Lex and Katrina¬†from¬†Katrina Alana¬†selling wax stamps came later. They had the puddle cleared and could then set up next to Yen.¬†So we¬†just happened to have an impromptu¬†Singapore Etsy corner ūüėÄ

The talented Yen and her shop at MAAD.

She drew a quick sketch of my booth(see first picture). It was created with one continuous line where the pen doesn’t leave the paper till the whole sketch was done.

She could make a camera phone picture look professional too. She took this picture.

After setting up, I had a little bit of time to walk around. Met a new friend, Chewy from elephantislove, sweet girl with a cool blog. She is based in USA and sells her creations on Etsy.

I didn’t have time to take a picture of the Katrina Alana¬†shop when it was still bright outside. This is a sketch by Yen, taken from her Facebook page, kindly use your imagination here.

Photo taken by my boyfriend. He came after work, bought food for me and my friends and helped me till the end. So lucky to have his support.

Throughout the night, there were people walking by. Thanks to Elvin and the MAAD team, the turnout at the 11/11/11 event was phenomenal. This is in spite of the numerous weddings that went on that day!

No male customer this time, but I met many wonderful ladies. Thank you if you bought a Chic Noir flower from me. I would love to see photos on how you wear Chic Noir. Do feel free to drop me a line at if you have any enquiries.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Pointed flower: Large Gold Cabochon Center

White cotton pointed flower with large gold dome glass cabochon center.

Size is approximately 9cm.

Both pictures by Yen of Yenpaintings

Dark Pink pointed flower with Large gold dome glass cabochon center.

Size of pictured flower is approximately 11cm from widest petal angle.

All centers are personalizable.

Various sizes  of flower petals can be custom made.

Other cloth designs are available as well.

This flower is multifunctional with both pin and clip attached. Thus could be worn as a headpiece or pin onto clothes, ribbons, bags or hats…..anywhere you can imagine.

All flowers are handmade and hand-sewn by Chic Noir Design.

Slight variations might occur.

For purchase kindly email